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Welding technology

Welding technology


High technical expertise in the field of materials, welding technology and practical implementation allows us to offer our customers the highest quality in the production of welded components. During the entire period of contract management – starting from technical consulting prior to manufacturing to the delivery of the component - we make sure that there is close contact between the customer and the welding technologists.


Range of services:

  • Technical consulting with regard to:

    • the design of the welded joint
    • the welding method
    • the choice of material
    • optimisation of heat treatment

  • Preparation of the welding documents according to national and international standards (e.g. AD 2000, EN 1090, EN ISO 15614, ASME Sect. IX, KTA)
  • Procedure qualifications and work samples
  • Continuous quality control both internally by way of welding monitoring and externally through our suppliers

Due to the high flexibility of the welding technology department customer requirements can be fulfilled to the best of our ability. The extensive experience of our solution-oriented staff both with regard to the processing of various types of material and component geometries is a great advantage for our customers.


Type of products and materials:

  • A wide range of materials and various types of products (sheets, profiles, forged and cast components):

    • Fine-grained structural steel 
    • High-temperature and elevated-temperature steel
    • Heat-resistant steel
    • Ferritic stainless steel
    • Soft martensitic steel
    • Ferritic-austenitic steel
    • Duplex steel
    • Ni-based materials
    • Bronze alloys  

  • Material thicknesses of up to 200 mm for butt welds
  • Build-up welding of various corrosion and wear resistant layers