Bilfinger Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

In order to meet customer requirements, regulations, specifications etc., Bilfinger Maschinenbau has implemented quality assurance and quality control systems which are systematically used and documented.

  • incoming goods inspection
  • concomitant manufacturing control of structural components
  • taking delivery at suppliers
  • taking delivery in the presence of the customer
  • reporting in the event of deviations
  • re-stamping authorisation (traceability of materials)
  • execution of pressure tests
  • hardness measurements
  • regular inspection of measuring equipment used
  • use of stationary measuring machines with PCDMIS software
  • use of mobile measuring systems (Romer measuring arm and API laser tracker)
  • Online QS systems directly with customers
  • EDP archiving